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Black Desert Online NA-62 Witch 605GS 275/281/324 2x PEN, Full TET Accessories $3000


  • Serveur NA
  • Niveaux de Comptes 62
  • Classe Wizard/Witch
  • Attaque (PA) 281
  • Défense (PD) 324
  • Points de contribution 320
  • Energie 338
  • Argent 1,500,000,000
  • Perle 131
  • Points de Compétence 1800
  • Nombre de Familiers 6
  • Nombre de Montures 2+
  • Accès complet à l’email Yes

Informations du vendeur :

  • 7 Jours de Garantie
  • Livraison en 1minute
  • Satisfait ou Remboursé

Prix :

1600.00 EUR

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  • Description


Other information on the account are as follows:
10 Storage Maids
9 Marketplace Maids
Offin +2 Caphras, Dande +1 Caphras, Bheg's +4 Caphras, Dim Tree +3 Caphras, Giath +4 Caphras, Urugon's +4 Caphras
99, 2x 50, 40, 39, 33, 30, 20 and 10 FS
Bartali Book up to 10/15 (Free 3 gearscore if you complete up to 15)
High Lifeskills
Cooking + Processing Costume
Vell's Heart
+4 Alchemy Clothes, +3 Cooking Clothes, +3 Gathering Clothes, +3 Trader Clothes in the Travel Bag.
Full worker empire with additional contribution leftover that can be used for further development/farming
Tier 4 Hedgehog
7% item drop rate from ecology
Upgraded Compass part
56 Shakatu seals
There is various weight / inventory across all characters, but most have weight purchased already.
There is only 1.4bil available currently, but there will be upwards of 4bil+ after liquidating all assets.
+10 Balenos Rod with brand stone
A few characters have ghille costumes
Dedicated cooking alt master8, if you don't wanna use that alt, the witch is Master 7.
You'll have a medal on top of your head whatever channel you are on.
You do not need to spend any more pearls for this account as everything is already paid for unless you want to reroll to a brand new class.
You will have no problem with PvE in on this account, you are a witch cmonbruh The account does not come with kutum, but according to datasheets, there is a 13 effective AP difference.
If you prefer a lifeskill approach to this account, an empire has already been created for you and all you need to do is maintain it to make billions. Every lifeskill that is relevant is Master.
Wanna join a sea monster hunting guild? The Epheria boat is already ready for you - the Dark Knight is the dedicated sea monster alt w/ 1529 weight.
For PvP, you're a Witch. You're 605GS. You just need to know how to play the class and you're in whatever guild you wish. There is so much polished stone and elixirs ready.
Blew up your gear? I have 193 node war medals, just buy an accessory then recover.

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